DIY Pallet Wood wall for FREE Part 2/2

It's finally DONE! The first wall turned out so well that I decided to  put up a second one in the lounge! The next video will be the complete  renovation video!  Hard work, dedication!
 I am happy with the results what do you think?

Building your dreams

DIY Pallet Wood Accent Wall FREE!  Part 1 of 2 

HI Design Barber and  Beauty RENOVATION!  I'm pursuing my childhood dream to create and own my own barber shop and  this video is part 1 of my total building renovation process which I  have decided to do myself using free or recycled materials to create an  iconic design.  Visit our website Hawaii.Design for more information and to follow the  progress!  

When Goals become reality

HI Design Announcement!

Our Mission Statement  To deliver a stylish, classic barber shop experience by merging an  exceptional cast of talented barbers, hosts and hair designers in an  iconic lounge environment.

When Dreams, become goals

Founder and visionary Telepharaoh AKA "DJ Teley" reflects on his life goals. He has been on a lifelong mission to realize his top 4 dreams and prepares for the special announcement leading up to it.